• Takachiho-kyo Tsuyu Katsuo Flavor Sweet

    Yamae Foods


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  • A bottle of concentrated tsuyu sauce with added bonito flakes for a deeper, richer flavour.

    We shred good quality dried bonitos in our own factory, then we made soup using shredded bonito flakes and natural water from Mt. Kirishima to make this straight-type liquid seasoning which has a rich and refreshing flavour and contains honey.


    You can enjoy this product as a seasoning in Tamago-yaki, (Japanese style omlet) and Nikujaga (meat and potatoes), as well as for noodle broth. Once opened, keep it chilled in the fridge or use all at once if possible. If you have any left over, keep it in the fridge (under 10°c) and use within 3 days.


    Product Exp: 15/09/2021