• Sakura Pasta

    Tamaya Seimenjo


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  • The only pasta in the world that has the shape of Sakura (cherry blossoms).

    It has a vivid colour without using additives.You will fall in love with this pasta at first sight. This pasta moves the hearts of Japanese people, and is the only macaroni in the world that has a shape of Sakura, cherry blossoms, made with Japanese craftsmanship. Japanese beetroot is used for the coloring, and you can enjoy a lovely shade of pink even after it is boiled.The pasta was dried for 2 days at a low temperature, and the drying method gives the pasta a chewy, fresh pasta like texture. The sauce binds to this pasta well and the delicious flavor blooms in your mouth.


    As a good luck food to pray for success at exams, with a meal to celebrate a new job and etc., for parties like wedding dinners, restaurant weddings, and for Hanami (flower viewing). Toss into salads, Carpaccio, and soup and enjoy the cherry blossom shape. You can add this in your Bento (Packed lunch in Japanese style) or thermos soup jar. It’s also great when added to sweets like Zenzai, sweet red bean soup, to add a chewy texture.


    Product Exp: 01/08/2021