• Nissin Ramen – Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu 100gx5


    (100g x 5)

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  • A hearty noodle meal in minutes.

    There is no ramen richer or fuller in flavor than tonkotsu, and this instant ramen is the ideal way to get your tonkotsu fix in a jiffy. Containing instant noodles, tonkotsu pork bone soup stock seasoning, and black garlic oil with soy sauce and sesame for a more authentic flavor and mouthfeel, this instant ramen is great for enjoying either as it is, or with your favorite meat and vegetable garnishes.


    FROM Hong Kong Food and Drug Administration 10-3-02243-1-3762 Allergen Information Soy, wheat, milk
    Ingredients Wheat flour, palm oil, starch, salt, INS500, INS452, INS 451, INS339, INS501, INS450, INS1400, INS401, INS412, INS307b, INS304, green tea powder, concentrated broth, seasoning, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, Onions, black garlic, sesame oil, milk protein, spices