• Dachi no Megumi Honokuni Cha Soba



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  • Enjoy traditional of Japanese noodle!

    Soba are a traditional type of Japanese noodle that are mainly produced in Hokkaido. They can be served either hot in a delicious soup, or even served chilled with a tsuyu and wasabi dipping sauce, a great way to cool down in the warm summer months.

    These soba noodles, infused with Japanese matcha green tea, have a slightly sweeter taste than regular soba and are a great choice for special occasions or a refreshing, light tea soba taste.

    How To Use

    • Add the noodles to 1L boiling water per 100g.
    • Cook for 10-15 mins, stirring constantly to prevent sticking. Do not add salt.
    • Remove with strainer and rinse under running cold water several times. Drain well.
    • Serve with hot soup or with tsuyu dipping sauce with your preferred toppings.


    FROM Okawa Japan Food and Drug Administration 10-3-02243-5-0711 Allergen Information Wheat
    Ingredients Wheat, buckwheat, green tea, salt