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    Nissin Ramen

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  • Ready in four minutes.

    If the roasted, nutty flavor of sesame always leaves you salivating, Nissin’s sesame flavored instant ramen is a must-try. Containing instant noodles, soy sauce seasoned soup stock, and a separate sachet of sesame seasoning oil, this instant ramen takes mere minutes to prepare and is great for enjoying either as it is, or with your favorite meat and vegetable garnishes

    How To Use

    • Peel back the lid to the marked line. Remove the powdered soup, liquid soup and garnish sachets.
    • Empty the garnish onto the noodles and pour hot water onto the garnish, until the water reaches up to the line. Re-close the lid and wait 5 minutes. Then add the powdered and soup liquid, mixing well.
    • For extra flavour, try adding vegetables meat and egg.


    Product Exp.: 17/11/2020


    FROM Hongkong Food and Drug Administration 10-3-02243-1-4026 Allergen Information soy, wheat, egg
    Ingredients Wheat flour, palm oil, tapioca flour, salt, garlic powder, soy sauce, dried pork, cabbage, spinach, spring onions, dried eggs, sugar, spices, yeast extract, soy protein, sesame oil